Reading group reports


11 March - 'The Misguided Imaginations of Men': Adam Smith, Jeremy Bentham and the Principle of Self in Shelley's Speculations on Morals and Metaphysics.
Paper given by Leanne Stokoe (Newcastle)


16 December - Edward Lloyd's Dickens Plagiarisms.
Led by Sarah Lill (Northumbria)

18 November -  'The Corpus and the Corpse': Nineteenth Century Literary Biography. 
Led by Beatrice Turner (Newcastle)

14 October - Introductory meeting and wine reception (2013/14).

August-September - Summer break.

8 July - 'The Bloods and the Ballads: Edward Lloyd's History Publications, 1836-7'.
Paper given by Sarah Lill (Northumbria)

4 June - 'Clare's Carelessness'.
Led by Andrew Hodgson (Durham)

24 April - 'Words for Remembering: Twentieth Century Propaganda and Nineteenth-Century England.'
Led by Kate Katigbak (Durham)


28 March -'Imagining Germany': A Journey from Folk Revival to Gothic Horror in Translation. 
Led by Jayne Winter (Newcastle)

22 February - 'Notes on Form in Art’: Composing Character.
Led by Nicole Bush (Durham)

17 January - 'All hearts were chill'd into a selfish prayer for light': The Byronic Hero, Aspiration and the Post-Revolutionary Decade.
Led by Leanne Stokoe (Newcastle)


10 December - Edward Lloyd's 'The Christmas Log' and Victorian Christmas Stories.

Led by Sarah Lill (Northumbria).
16 November - 'Joined together in love and trade, like one great family': the Great Exhibition of 1851. Group session led by Beatrice Turner (Newcastle).

28 October - Mock viva for Leanne Stokoe (Newcastle) on her PhD thesis: "Poetry [...] concealed by [...] facts and calculating processes": political economy in the prose of Percy Bysshe Shelley.

18 October - 'Fallen Women, Devotion and the Queer Salvific in the Work of Victorian Women Poets'. Paper given by Guest Speaker Caroline Baylis-Green (Manchester Metropolitan University).

12 September - 'Moving Towards Science in the Long Nineteenth Century: A Postgraduate Symposium'. 
This was the first event hosted by NENC, funded by the British Society for Literature and Science, which took place at the Literary and Philosophical Society, Newcastle upon Tyne.


August - summer break

20 July
- 'Pirates, Cannibals and Highwaymen: Edward Lloyd and the Newgate Tradition'
Led by Sarah Lill (Northumbria)

11 June - 
 '“Unless one is five and a half feet tall, has a bass voice and a beard on one’s chin, one has no business being a man”: Libertarian Masculinity from Rousseau’s Julie, ou, la nouvelle Heloїse to Byron’s Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage', Helen Stark (Newcastle) 
Instead of a regular reading group session, members attended this paper, given in conjunction with the Newcastle University School of English Literature, Language and Linguistics Postgraduate Speaker Series.

17 May -
''...take a couple of tranquilizers and have a look at what the kids have been reading for the past 114 years': Privileging Readings of Nineteenth-Century Poetry in Contemporary Media'
Led by Jon Quayle and Rebecca Tobin (Newcastle)

19 April - 'The self-conscious artist: debating literature at the fin de siecle'
Led by Naomi Carle (Durham)

15 March - Therese Raquin by Emile Zola
Led by Harriet Briggs (Newcastle)

16 February - "Faust in the Machine Age: Myth-making and critics of the Industrial Revolution"
Led by Kate Katigbak (Durham)

19 January - 'Enlisting Imagination under the Banner of Science'
Led by Leanne Stokoe (Newcastle)


16 December - 'Metaphysics in Hats': Stories by Machado de Assis
We read two short stories, 'A Chapter of Hats' and 'The Cynosure of All Eyes'.
Led by Helen Williams (Northumbria)

16 November - 'Romantic Correspondences: Myth-Making and Breaking in the Brontë Letters to the Lake Poets'.
Led by Harriet Briggs and Beatrice Turner (Newcastle)

2 November - 'Fashions Born in Dead Brains': A Reading Group for Hallowe'en.
Led by Hellen Giblin-Jowett (Newcastle) and Nicole Bush (Northumbria)

29 September - Discussion of George Grossmith, The Diary of a Nobody (serialised in Punch 1888-89, published in full 1892). 
Led by Harriet Briggs (Newcastle)

July and August - no meeting

24 June - Epitaphs in Foscolo and Wordsworth. 
Led by Andrew Lacey (Newcastle) and Helen Stark (Newcastle)

26 May - Mini-viva for Chris Machell (Northumbria) on his chapter entitled ''Hog's Wash': The Politics of Bestial Imagery in Satire, 1789-1820'

April - no meeting

25 March - Paper given by Leanne Stokoe (Newcastle) entitled ''Beyond the Power of Imagination to Conceive': David Ricardo and Economic Vision in Shelley's A Defence of Poetry'

25 Feb - Discussion of Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities (1859). 
Led by Hazel Sheeky (Newcastle)

27 Jan - introductory meeting. Members brought an image representing their research. 
Led by Helen Stark (Newcastle).


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