The North East Postgraduate Research Group for the Long Nineteenth Century is organised and hosted by PhD students from the Universities of Newcastle, Northumbria and Durham: Harriet Briggs, Nicole Bush, Kate Katigbak, Sarah Lill, Leanne Stokoe, and Beatrice Turner. It grew out of the Newcastle Long Nineteenth-Century Reading Group, which was set up in January 2011 by Helen Stark and Harriet Briggs. As this reading group developed and attracted new members from different institutions, it seemed that a new regional and inter-institutional research network was needed to support and promote the varied postgraduate work on the long nineteenth century across the North East region  From March 2014, NENC will be run mainly by Roisin McCloskey and Siobhan Harper from Durham.

The aims of NENC are to create and sustain a research community of postgraduate students working on any aspect of the literature, art, culture, or society of the long nineteenth century (c.1750-1914). The group is based disciplinarily within literary studies, but we are keen to involve those with other disciplinary backgrounds who have either an academic or a general interest in the period.

The group is centred on monthly reading groups where members take turns to lead an informal session on specific material. In June, July and August 2012 we organised a Summer Speakers Series featuring postgraduate papers and we held a symposium on 12 September 2012 on the theme of 'Moving Towards Science', funded by the British Society for Literature and Science.

We welcome members who may not easily be able to get into Newcastle or Durham but who are working in this period and would like to be involved in the annual events, or to join the online network and conversation. The website therefore provides a space where members can find out about upcoming and past events, calls for papers and other relevant opportunities and can discuss their research.  We welcome discussion about any aspect of working on the long nineteenth century and especially welcome guest blogs.
We would be keen to hear from you if you are interested in knowing more about the research group, or if you would like to become a member. 

Contact us at: northeast19thcentury@gmail.com or follow us on twitter @northeastc19