Saturday, 14 February 2015

Library Day at the Literary and Philosophical Society, Newcastle upon Tyne (18 February 2015)

Library Day at the Lit and Phil

Wednesday February 18 2015

This symposium may be of interest to those of you working on eighteenth- and nineteenth- century topics, with an interest in the history of reading/sociable societies more generally, or anyone who would like to get a closer look at the holdings of the L&P. The programme is attached. The symposium is free to attend but if attendees wish to attend lunch they need to pre-register with the L&P by the evening of Monday February 16th (so the caterer has final numbers). If they wish only to attend papers/coffee they have until Tuesday evening. The email address to use to register is:


Lunch (in the Loftus Room)

Session 1 (Lecture Room)
Opening remarks and welcome: Paul Gailunas (L&P) and Jon Mee (York)
David Stewart (Northumbria)
“Conflicting and yet commingling temperaments”: Byronic Adventures in the Lit & Phil'
Chair: Paul Gailiunas (L&P)

Session 2 (Lecture Room)
Paul Gailiunas (L&P) ‘The Rotheram Family’

Chris Calver (L&P)  ‘The Thomlinson Library’

Richard Sharp (L&P) ‘Robert Spence Watson’

Chair: Jon Mee (York)
Coffee/Tea break

Session 3
Hannah Humes (Northumbria)
‘A Protestant Pioneer: The Reverend Robert Morrison, China and the Lit and Phil’

Patrick Low (Sunderland)
‘Capital Punishment, Phrenology and the Lit and Phil: The Curious Case of the “Bumpologist” Mayor, John Fife’

Chair: David Stewart
Archival Handling Session

Session 4: Keynote (Lecture Room)
Professor Jon Mee (York)

John Clennell, Missionary of Improvement: Newcastle, Perth, and Hackney’

Chair: Paul Gailiunas
Closing remarks and wine reception