Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Calls for papers: a weekly round-up

Sherlock Holmes, Past and Present
Senate House, London, 21-22 June 2013

This conference offers a serious opportunity to bring together academics, enthusiasts, creative practitioners and popular writers in a shared discussion about the cultural legacy of Sherlock Holmes. The Strand Magazine and the Sherlock Holmes stories contribute one of the most enduring paradigms for the production and consumption of popular culture in the twentieth- and the twenty-first centuries. The stories precipitated a burgeoning fan culture including various kinds of participation, wiki and crowd-sourcing, fan-fiction, virtual realities and role-play gaming. All of these had existed before but they were solidified, magnified and united by Sherlockians and Holmesians in entirely new ways and on scales never seen before. All popular culture phenomena that followed (from Lord of the Rings to Twilightvia Star Trek) shared its viral pattern. This project aims to unpick the historical intricacies of Holmesian fandom as well as offering a wide variety of perspectives upon its newest manifestations. This conference invites adaptors of and scholars on Holmes, late-Victorian writing, and popular culture internationally to contribute to this scholarly conversation. Our aims are to celebrate Conan Doyle’s achievement, to explore some of the reasons behind Holmes’ enduring popularity across different cultures and geographical spaces, and to investigate new directions in Holmes’ afterlife. This conference will precede Holmes’ 160th birthday in 2014. It will launch a new volume of essays on Holmes co-edited by Dr. Jonathan Cranfield and Tom Ue, and form part of the larger celebrations in London and internationally.

Possible topics include:

Holmes and Detective Fiction
Holmes and Science
Becoming Holmes
Holmes and Gender
Holmes’ Costume
Holmes in Retirement
Holmes and His Boswell
Holmes and Steampunk
Holmes and Philosophy
Holmes and Moriarty
Holmes computer games
Holmes/Victoriana in the graphic novel (From Hell, Grandeville...)
Post-2000 film and television adaptation
Fan letters addressed to Holmes

Submit proposals of 350 words and biographies of 150 words by email to BOTH Jonathan at J.L.Cranfield@ljmu.ac.uk AND Tom at ue_tom@hotmail.com by 15 January 2013.

Proposals sought: Victorian Popular Fiction Association 2013 Research Seminar Series 

The Victorian Popular Fiction Association is now accepting proposals for the 2013 Research Seminar Series to be held in Senate House, London. Open to both the general public and the academic community, this series is part of the Association’s ongoing commitment to the dissemination of the latest research in the area as well as the revival of understudied texts and writers. Proposals may take the form of individual papers or panels of three and may be drawn from any aspect of Victorian popular literature and culture.

Queries and proposals should be sent to Dr Janice Allan and Joanne Parsons.Those who wish to be considered for the Spring Seminar in April (date TBC) should submit their proposals by 31 January 2013.

The Victorian Popular Fiction Association website is here.

RLS 2013: "Stevenson, Time and History" 
8-10 July 2013, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia

Keynote Speaker: Professor Adrian Poole, University of Cambridge

Topics for discussion include:

History and historiography
The historical novel
Theories of evolution
The ideas of progress
Generation and degeneration
Narrative temporalities
Genealogy and ancestry
Stages of life: childhood, youth, age
Memory and nostalgia

Proposals for papers (250 words) should be emailed to Roslyn Jolly or Chris Danta. The deadline has been extended to 15 February 2013.

BAVS 2013: "Nineteenth-Century Numbers" 
29-31 August 2013, Royal Holloway, University of London

Keynote Speakers: Alice Jenkins (University of Glasgow); Michael Hatt (University of Warwick); Mary Poovey (New York University); Theodore Porter (University of California, Los Angeles)

The BAVS conference 2013 will be held at Royal Holloway, University of London which was founded by the Victorian entrepreneur and philanthropist Thomas Holloway at Egham, Surrey in 1886. The College and the nearby former Holloway Sanatorium are products of surplus wealth accumulated in the course of Holloway’s activities as financier, in the large-scale manufacture of patent medicines, and in mass marketing – including advertising to Britain’s overseas colonies. While its theme reflects these institutional origins, the Conference aims to explore the relevance of numbers to nineteenth-century studies in a wide variety of ways. We welcome proposals for papers and panels which speak to the interdisciplinary conference theme broadly and innovatively. 

The deadline for abstracts is 28th March 2013. Please submit all abstracts to BAVS2013@gmail.com. Visit our blog for a full call for papers, regular updates, downloads, and discussion pages. Enquiries about proposing themed panels can be sent to ruth.livesey@rhul.ac.uk or juliet.john@rhul.ac.uk.


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