Thursday, 22 November 2012

'Yorkshire Tourism': one-day workshop

Members may be interested in attending this one-day workshop, entitled 'Yorkshire Tourism', on the practice and representation of tourist travel in Yorkshire in the long eighteenth century. The workshop will take place on Saturday 8 December 2012 at the University of York's Centre for Eighteenth Century Studies, King's Manor, York.

Travel for pleasure or health in Britain and Ireland first became widely available to the affluent middling classes in the eighteenth century. For much of the period 1700-1830 Britain was at war with at least one of its continental neighbours; possibilities for European travel were severely restricted, and tourism within Britain and Ireland flourished. What did this newly accessible and eagerly grasped freedom to roam mean to the domestic tourist; how did the pictorial and/ or textual representation of journeys or sites shape their sense of themselves or of the country in the crucial period of its transition to becoming a modern and united kingdom?

The workshop is a follow-up to last year's successful event, The Grand Tour in Britain and Ireland. Each speaker will consider an image or series of images, a short text or extracts from a longer piece, and offer a brief exploration of the possibilities of this material before opening the floor to discussion.

Confirmed speakers include:
Ann-Marie Akehurst (York), 'Broken stones, decayed buildings, and old rubbish': genealogy of place, imagination, and identity in early modern York(shire)';

John Bonehill (Glasgow), 'Fairfaxiana: J.M.W Turner at Farnley';

Oliver Cox (Oxford), 'Back in the summer of (17)69: domestic tourism and the Yorkshire Petition';

Mary Fairclough (York), 'Infidel Missionaries: Robert Taylor and Richard Carlile in Leeds';

Harriet Guest (York), 'A Trip to Scarborough';

David Higgins (Leeds), 'The Wordworths visit Yorkshire';

Emma Major (York), 'Sibyl, Yorkshire, and the Two Nations'.

The registration fee for the day is £12 (£5 for students and unwaged). To register, please email Further information is available here.


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