Monday, 3 September 2012

Calls for papers: a weekly round up

Northeast Modern Language Association 2013 Convention
21-24 March 2013, Tufts University, Boston, Massachusetts

A number of panels at NeMLA 2013 may be of interest to scholars working in the long nineteenth century; a full list can be found on the conference website. The deadline for all sessions is 30 September 2012.

Call for essays: Gaskell Project 2015: Place, Progress, and Personhood. An Edited Collection

In anticipation of the 150th anniversary of Gaskell’s death, we are seeking abstracts for an edited volume on the subject of Place, Progress, and Personhood in the Works of Elizabeth Gaskell. The nineteenth century saw dramatic changes in the landscape of Britain as industry and technology reshaped the geographical space. The advent of the railway and the increasing predominance of manufactory machinery reoriented the nation’s physical and social countenance. But alongside the excitement of progress and industry, there was also a sense of fear and loss manifested through an idealisation of the country home, the pastoral retreat, and the agricultural South. This collection of interdisciplinary essays will present a variety of geographical, industrial, archeological, psychological, and spatial perspectives not only on Gaskell’s work, but also on Gaskell’s place within the narrative of British letters and national identity.

Gaskell’s importance, both as a literary figure and as a cultural touchstone, continues to rise. In the popular imagination, new BBC adaptations of her novels have perhaps given her the greatest celebrity she has had since her own lifetime. In addition, the recent Heritage Lottery Fund award of £1.85 million for the restoration and preservation of the Gaskells’ house in Manchester, Plymouth Grove, indicates her renewed national influence.

This collection is very consciously an international and egalitarian collaboration, and we invite scholars of any level or discipline to submit an abstract.

Topics might include (but are not limited to):

§ Geography / materiality of place
§ Digital transformations of texts/mapping
§ Concepts of home and not home
§ Foreign places, travel, and national identity
§ Rural vs. urban landscapes
§ Ecology / environmentalism
§ Imagined places
§ Place and gender, the gendering of spaces
§ Space theory and Victorian spaces
§ Correspondence
§ Landmarks of progress, modernity, and personal identity
§ Gaskell’s place in the popular imagination/literary tourism
§ Architectural spaces and everyday life
§ Ideas of belonging

Please submit an abstract of 300-500 words and a brief CV to by 31 October 2012. Authors will be notified by 5 January 2013 whether or not their abstract has been accepted. The deadline for the full-length article, if accepted, is 15 April 2013. Articles should be between 4,000 and 6,000 words in length, accompanied by an abstract of around 200 words.
Preliminary inquiries are welcome: kindly address them to

Emily Morris
Department of English
St. Thomas More College, University of Saskatchewan

Sarina Gruver Moore
Department of English
Calvin College
Grand Rapids, Michigan

Lesa Scholl
Dean of Academic Studies
Emmanuel College, University of Queensland

'Leisure! Enjoyment! Fun!': the 2013 Interdisciplinary Nineteenth-Century Studies Conference
University of Virginia, Charlotteville, Virginia, 14-17 March 2013

“It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.” It was the age of pleasure. It was the age of atonement. It was any place in the nineteenth century. The scope is global, the approaches, cross-disciplinary. What pleased the palate and tickled the nose? What roused the senses and deepened joy? What thrilled the body and inspired the mind? What did they do besides work? What diversions (respectable or otherwise) did they seek? How did they think about the enjoyments they sought? These are some of the questions to address at INCS 2013, which is devoted to ‘Leisure, Enjoyment, and Fun.’

Consider all forms of enjoyment desired, sought, anticipated, or suppressed. Of course what constitutes enjoyment was widely contested ‘then’ as it is ‘now,’ and just what the relation between enjoyment and happiness is has never been clear. The task we set ourselves this year is an examination of various pleasures, thoughts about fun and leisure, expressions or reports of enjoyment, and what these experiences tell us about the nineteenth century. Definitions of enjoyment are themselves numerous and contrasting, and we will keep the field broad so as to draw a wide catch. Enjoyment may be associated with entertainment, amusement, comfort, satisfaction, happiness, absence of pain, etc. We are interested in how enjoyment is experienced, what function it serves, how it can be legislated or monitored, if it can be exhausted, repeated, repelled, and whether individual enjoyment differs from enjoyment shared.

Topics are not limited to, but might include:
Ambivalence towards . . .
Theories of leisure
Enjoyment, guilt, atonement
License and restraint
Sport, games, and races
Music, music halls, music boxes
Festivals, street entertainments
Pleasure gardens
Illicit fun
Design, fashion, shopping
Gustatory delights
Trade in exotics
Weddings, parties, picnics
Cartoons, comic periodicals
Sunday papers and other popular reading
Pets, animal fighting
Experimentation, invention
Gardens and horticulture
Museums, exhibitions
Training for fun
Medical tourism

Deadline: 1 November  2012. For individual papers, send 250-word proposals; for panels, send individual 250-word proposals for each paper plus a 250-word panel description. Please include your name, affiliation, and e-mail address on your proposal. Send questions and proposals to Karen Chase. More information can be found on the conference website.

'Comparing Eighteenth-Century British and Italian Narratives': the 4th Anglo-Italian Conference on Eighteenth-Century Studies, 5-7 September 2013

Hosted by the Dipartimento DISTU Istituzioni Linguistico-letterarie, comunicazionali, storico-giuridiche dell'Europa, University of Tuscia (Viterbo)
Following the success of the first three Anglo-Italian Conferences, in York in 2006 and 2011 and in Capri, Italy in 2009 the Italian Society for Eighteenth Century Studies and the British Society for Eighteenth Century Studies are proud to announce the fourth in this series of Conferences. The focus of the 2013 Conference will be “Comparing Eighteenth-Century British and Italian Narratives.” Possible topics may include, but are not strictly limited to:

- origins of the novel
- functions of historiographies
- narrative/s of history and narrative/s of fiction
- ideologies and cultural systems
- poetics and forms
- printers, readers and book dissemination
- translations and cultural transfers

Proposals are invited for 20 minute papers. Abstracts of no more than 200 words should be sent by email to all the following: Frank O'Gorman, Rosamaria Loretelli  and Francesca Saggini. Papers are acceptable in either Italian or English. Please include your position, name of your home institution and a working email address for contacts.
The costs of the conference, including lunches, coffee break etc. are expected to be in the region of €40. A fee waiver may be arranged for early career research scholars (eg. self-financing Ph.D. students).
The deadline for abstracts is 30 December 2012. Acceptance will be communicated by 31 January 2013.
For advice and information on accommodation and transport, please contact Francesca Saggini or the Conference Graduate Staff, Adriana Micheli ( or and Fabio Ciambella. For all other enquiries contact Frank O'Gorman or Francesca Saggini.


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