Monday, 16 July 2012

Symposium: 'Victorian Things'

NENC members may be interested in the following symposium:

Victorian Things: Nineteenth-Century Literature and Material Culture

Oxford Brookes University, Saturday 22 September 2012

This one-day symposium will reflect on, and respond to, the current materialist turn in Victorian Studies and Thing Theory. Nineteenth-century literature is crowded with objects, but traditional methods of interpretation have directed us to focus on characters and plots. Through three thematic sessions, ‘Desirable Things’, ‘Anatomical Things’ and ‘Objects and Memory’, this symposium aims to explore the story of objects as ‘things’ with specific values and meanings in Victorian culture. This exciting day of presentations and discussion will be concluded with a plenary lecture by Professor Isobel Armstrong: ‘“The Thing-Character of the World”: four artefacts in the nineteenth-century novel and four materialisms.’

Delegate fee (including lunch and coffee): £15
Students and unwaged (including lunch and coffee): £10

For bookings and further information contact: Dr. Tatiana Kontou, Dr. Verity Hunt, Dr. Andrew Mangham or Verity Burke: 


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