Friday, 4 May 2012

Crabbe's Tales: registration open

Registration is now open for the 'Crabbe's Tales' conference, to be held at Newcastle University on Friday 13 July. Registration should be made via the conference website by Friday 29 June.

Reviewing Tales (1812) Francis Jeffrey claimed that George Crabbe was ‘upon the whole, the most original writer who has ever come before us’. In marking the bicentenary of its publication, this conference will focus on the telling of stories and the imagining of communities in Crabbe’s nineteenth-century oeuvre including Poems (1807), The Borough (1810), Tales and Tales of the Hall (1819). Its aim is to test Jerome McGann’s claim (in an essay published in 1981) that Crabbe is ‘a writer whose true historical period has yet to arrive.’

The keynote speakers are Professor John Goodridge (Nottingham Trent University), Professor Claire Lamont (Newcastle University) and Professor Fiona Stafford (University of Oxford).

More information can be found on the conference website here.


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