Thursday, 9 February 2012

Interdisciplinary workshop: Exploring Liminal States of Mind

NENC members may be interested in attending the following workshop at Northumbria University:

Exploring Liminal States of Mind is a one day, interdisciplinary workshop organised by Northumbria University’s Situating States of Mind research group. It will be held on Friday 16 March at Northumbria University, 121 Lipman Building.

The workshop will explore ‘in-between’ mental states, such as sleep, dreaming and the unconscious, from the medieval period to the nineteenth century. Speakers are drawn from the fields of philosophy, literary studies and history, and the day closes with an interdisciplinary roundtable. It promises new cultural understandings of the mind’s least classifiable modes and mechanisms.

The workshop is open to all and is free to attend. Sessions begin at 9.30. For further details contact the organisers, Sasha Handley, Anita O’Connell or Peter Garratt.


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