Saturday, 15 October 2011

LitSciMed Training Workshop videos

This collaborative project co-ordinated by the University of Salford with funding from the AHRC  aimed to offer postgraduates innovative training from subject specialists on the theories and methods of interdisciplinary research between literature, science, and medicine. It has recently reached the end of its scheduled programme, however the website will continue to be updated and utilised as a resource,so it is worth having a look at the various slideshows and blogs which it offers. In addition, a number of its seminars and workshops were recorded and have been uploaded here

A selection of videos which may be of use to those working on aspects of disciplinary cross-over and confluence, such as the relationship between poetic form and contemporary scientific thought, theories of materiality, and using objects in research include:

Steven Connor, 'Object Lessons: Thing Theories and Material Culture'

Isobel Armstrong, 'Glass Reflections'

Michael Whitworth, 'Poetry and the Language of Science: Some Lines of Enquiry'

John Holmes, 'Crossing Two Cultures: Poetry, Science, and Criticism'

Other videos discuss the philosophy of science and the sociology of scientific understanding. Also available is the inaugural lecture given by Prof. Sharon Ruston of the University of Salford who co-ordinated the traiing programme.


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