Thursday, 20 October 2011

CFP: BSLS Annual Conference

The British Society for Literature and Science have issued a call for papers for their annual conference, to be held at the University of Oxford, 12-14 April 2012, which you can find here.

The organisers have chosen not to select a conference theme which I think will result in an event which showcases a wide selection of the best new work being undertaken in the field of literature and science. However, to correspond with this there is a more general theme, which will be discussed through a number of training sessions and roundtable debates, on the current state of the field, reaction to critical approaches, and the practices of teaching interdisciplinary studies.

Past BSLS conference programmes can be found on their website. The 2010 annual event was held here at Northumbria University (NENC member Helen Williams gave a paper) and was a great success, so I'd encourage you to think about submitting a paper or even to suggest a panel proposal if you have an interest in the cross-disciplinary field of literature and science studies.


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